Sonya MacMillan

Owner and Artist at Scarlet Rose Studio 

About Me

I was born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire and at a young age, I fell in love with art and drawing. My mom was an art teacher and instilled a love for creativity in me from the beginning. During high school, I took virtually every art class they had to offer. Upon graduation, I decided to pursue a degree in art and psychology at Plymouth State University, minoring in photography. After graduating college, I accepted a position teaching art Microsociety Academy Charter School bringing fun art lessons to children of all ages. 

After four years in the classroom, I decided I wanted to share my passion for drawing and art in a new way, and push myself artistically. 

My future goals are to push my limitations and continue my education in the art of tattooing. I look forward to years of bringing my client's ideas to fruition and aspire to be the best tattoo artist I can be.